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Klue Quarterly: Summer 2024
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What’s New in Klue: Roadmap Update Summer 2024

Klue's VP Product, Tamara Schebel, walks through what's new in Klue and where we're headed for the rest of 2024.
Tamara Schebel
Tamara Schebel · Jun 20th, 2024
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Our product team share the latest releases in Q2 to help product marketers speed up their access to even deeper competitive insights.
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Nobody wants to spending more time researching competitors. Venessa Richards, Customer Success Manager at Klue, walks through how product marketers can speed this up using Klue Insights and make sure competitive intel isn't slipping through the cracks with our newest Gong integration.
# Klue Quarterly
Intel Digests are your most effective tool for keeping the business up-to-date on what is happening with your competitors and market. So how do you build one that is a must-read? Josh Gladstone, Manager, Services, walks through how to create a best-in-class Digest with Klue.
# Klue Quarterly
Build it and they won't come. Jenel McKenney, Team Lead, Customer Success at Klue, shares three of the ways that you can push (and pull) competitive intel to your reps in the places that they live daily.
# Klue Quarterly
The best competitive enablement programs tip neck-and-neck deals. But how do you prove the ROI of the work and enablement you're doing? Mike Hamilton, Principal Customer Success Manager at Klue, walks through some of the ways you can report on the impact your program is having with our Competitive Revenue Analytics.
# Klue Quarterly
The Role of Competitive Enablement in the CMO Portfolio | Compete Week 2023
Katie Berg, Carin Van Vuuren & Meagen Eisenberg