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4:00 PM - 4:30 PM, Aug 2 GMT
How to Use Sales Calls for Competitive Intel
You're sitting on a goldmine of competitive insights in sales calls.But here's the problem 👇Sifting through hours of calls for analysis, research, and competitive enablement can be tedious and time-consuming.Come join myself, Hunter Sones, and the Compet
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4:00 PM - 4:30 PM, Aug 30 GMT
The Five Questions You Need to Ask Your Buyer


Klue's VP Product, Tamara Schebel, walks through what's new in Klue and where we're headed for the rest of 2024.
Jun 20th, 2024 | Views 195
Our product team share the latest releases in Q2 to help product marketers speed up their access to even deeper competitive insights.
Jun 20th, 2024 | Views 262
Nobody wants to spending more time researching competitors. Venessa Richards, Customer Success Manager at Klue, walks through how product marketers can speed this up using Klue Insights and make sure competitive intel isn't slipping through the cracks with our newest Gong integration.
Jun 20th, 2024 | Views 192