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Q2 Product Webinar: What's New in Klue?
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The most fun you can have at a live Quarterly Product Update webinar. 🚀

This quarter's webinar is packed with updates to help you increase efficiency and drive greater adoption across your compete program.

Tamara Schebel, VP Product and Brandon Bedford, Competitive Enablement Manager at Klue will be covering:

  1. Competitive Analytics Suite
  2. Klue AI
  3. Collecting content feedback
  4. Consumer Dashboard changes
  5. What’s coming next…

💜 We look forward to seeing you on May 30!

❓If you're not a Klue customer and you'd like to see some of these features in more detail, please book a demo with one of our awesome Kluebees.

Note: We’ve found some corporate networks don’t support web-based video calls. If you are unable to hear or see the content when in a meeting, please try refreshing or joining from a device on a different network.

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May 30, 5:30 PM, GMT
Event has finished
May 30, 5:30 PM, GMT
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